• 1959 Born in London of a Greek mother and Scottish father.
  • Lives and Works in London.
  • 1985 - 87 Studied Fashion. Worked in fashion until 2003.
  • 1985 Paints her first oil painting with the encouragement of friend, Shaun Parry-Jones.
  • 1993 Attends classes at the Mary Ward Center to learn to make leaded light windows, this was later to inform some of her paintings using black outlines and flat areas of colour.
  • 1998 Spends time on the Greek island of Skyros where she learns mosaic and starts to paint using watercolours.
  • 1999 Buys a 'round the world' ticket to India, Nepal, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand. She returns a year later. Influences from those cultures can be seen in much of her work. The painting 'Trance' was based on Aboriginal Dreamtime. The Sculpture 'Poukai' was based on a Maori mythical bird.
  • 2002 Attends Art classes at Barnet college and starts to paint with oils again. Exhibited for the first time by Barnet College.
  • 2004 www.ginabold.com is launched.
  • 2004 Meets Simon Powell at Vision Impossible, a source of encouragement and support.
  • 2006 Simon Powell introduces Gina to Paul Everitt from the Arlington Gallery.
  • 2006 Starts sculpture classes.
  • 2007 'Born to be Bold', Gina's first solo show at the Arlington Gallery in Camden Town
  • 2007 From May to November 2007, Gina Bold is 'artist in residence' at Novas Arts.
  • 2008 Gina is featured in Easy Living magazine. Check out the photo used in the article.
  • 2009 Gina curates two solo shows 'a bite of Bold' and 'Bold in the basement'

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